Battlefield Acupuncture BFA

BFA is an AMAZING acupuncture protocol that may improve pain, reduces stress, and facilitate weight loss. Just five tiny gold ASP needles are placed in each ear but the effect can be MIGHTY. Potential drug-free benefits for the whole body! No longer offered.


I received my BFA training from retired COL Lewis Hofmann, MD and his team at Institute for Functional Medicine's Annual International Conference in 2019.

Before and After Care

BFA is generally well-tolerated. Avoid strenuous exercise the day of treatment, and eat a moderate, healthy diet to help the effectiveness of the treatment.


"I was in complete shock to wake the next morning and find my pain gone! 30 years of chronic neck pain resolved. Wish I would have done it sooner!!"


"I stubbed my toe. I'm quite sure I broke it. Two days had gone by and it still hurt. Dr. Johnson offered Battlefield Acupuncture and the Relief that SAME DAY was Amazing!"

-Jennifer R.

"My neck pain improved. I was actually able to reduce my pain medications."

-Ms. Miller

How Does BFA Work?

BFA works on several levels:

Releases Endorphins - this may help with pain, and may help reduce food cravings

Reduces Stress - this may neutralize stress hormones

Supports Digestion - this may create efficiency in our digestive processes

BFA may help your body regain its natural balance for your True Health!